Waldek Dynerman
Triptych in BlueTame the BeastRed HorseUntitled (with an ear)Untitled (with an ear)Untitled (with an ear)Untitled (green)Untitled (yellow)Self-portrait in greyView of the studioUntitled with a Pinhole Untitled with a bicycleTightrope danceUntitled with PaulFigure in  a pink blouseUntitled with Pink DogUntitled with Evil EyesUntitled (with a pink doll)Big BlueUntitled ( with a Birdcage)Untitled (with a light)Untitled (with a ball)Untitled (with a plastic bag)Untitled (with a light)High DiveUntitledGolden CageGolden StaircaseConversationTriple MoonThe Beast Is WaitingHigh DiveEscape from the Wisconsin DellsThe Scent of EucalyptusVillage TheatreSantoriniCitgoPink is MeRoom with the ViewBeach HouseThe Scent of Vanilla The Comet is FallingCarla in CreteKritiWind from AfricaDance ClassSailing MilwaukeeGeorg's Tavern
Paintings 2009-1997