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I have been making art for forty plus years now. Over the time my work has undergone several formal and thematic changes, and it has encompassed a growing number of media. Educated as a painter, I have slowly expanded my work to drawing, sculpture, printmaking, video and sound. At the moment the emphasis is on mixed media painting, sculpture and printmaking. My moving between the disciplines is driven by the content of my work. I often work on several projects at the same time, and I have found profound similarities between the traditionally separate disciplines. I see different media as extension of one another, with ideas flowing back and forth.

Although there are many layers to the content of my work, the Holocaust is central in how it frames and underlies all that I do. Born six years after the end of WWII, I grew up in the shadow of war and genocide. My father was a Holocaust survivor, and my non-Jewish mother experienced horrors of total war and slave labor.

This family history never manifests itself directly in the work. I have intentionally avoided to be specific, so that what comes across is a more universal message about violence and oppression. That being an underpinning of my work, it also meanders in so many other ways, that when asked what my work is about, I never know how to answer it straight.

So I better stop here.