Waldek Dynerman
UntitledUntitled (with a wrapped body)Untitled (with a self-portrait)Untitled (hanged)Untitled (with a plant with golden leaves)Untitled (in the basement)Paul wearing a dressUntitled ( blue basement)Paul (in a wheelchair)RalphRalph (in the basement)Paul in a wheelchairPaul and PoinsettiasPaul in bedJulia and ToddVadim and AnitaMock SuicideFirst DrinkProzacMy Father DiedHead TransplantOperationThe Elephant ManVenus and IUntitled (with a piano player)Yellow ChrysanthemumsFire EaterUntitled (kneeling figure)InvalidBirthday BoyShoot a FreakInsomniaDog and Pony Show
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